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Our Meat Products

Meat Products

R44 has a selection of quality meats for grilling, smoking or roasting. Our steaks are never frozen.

At R44, you can grab some thick slices of bacon to serve for breakfast, some thick cut ribeye steaks to fire up on the grill for dinner or a 10 pound pork shoulder to smoke for a family BBQ event. Stop by and check out our high quality selection of beef, pork, chicken and sausages today!

Please call us and let us know what you need:



USDA Choice Grade Steaks

We do not sell any beef cuts below USDA Choice Grade. Our popular cuts include tenderloin, ribeye, Delmonico, New York strip, sirloin, sirloin cap, flat iron, flank, brisket, Denver, top round, flat iron, among others.


Pork Chops, House-Made Sausages, Thick Bacon

Our thick cut bacon is a customer favorite. Our pork chops are cut nice and thick. Need ground pork? We have it. We also carry other pork products like baby back ribs, pork belly, and pork tenderloin. Try our house-made sausages available in a variety of flavors: Kielbasa; Slovenian; Hungarian; Country Grillers; Hot or Mild Italian; and, Mexican Chorizo.


Gerber Brand

The chickens are raised on Amish family farms with plenty of room to roam. Their diet consists of the highest quality vegetarian feed. No antibiotics, by-products, arsenic, hormones or steroids are used.